CONCOA Precision Gas Controls
Research & Specialty Gas

CONCOA continues to develop new products and improve on existing technologies. We employ customer driven engineering that allows us to deliver proprietary and patented advanced systems like the software-driven IntelliSwitch™ Series automatic switchover and specialized solutions made specifically for laser and cryogenic operations. CONCOA's commitment to quality in engineering has made its distribution products the most reliable and cost effective equipment in the industry.


Product and Description
Designing a Cryogenic System
Designing a Gas Blending System
Designing an NFPA-51 Gas Delivery Solution
Regulator Selection Guide
657 Series BlendMaster 1750
655 Series Oxygen BlendMaster
ADI1909 ADI9905
652 Series BlendMaster 1000
ADI1909 ADI3186
650 Series AutoBlend
9600 Series Continuous CO2 Analyzer
9300 Series Multi-Gas Analyzer
Distribution Systems
IntelliSwitch Systems™
642 Series IntelliSwtich II ADI9515 ADI9514
ADI9515 (Spanish) ADI9514 (Spanish)
ADI9515 (French) ADI9514 (French)
640 Series IntelliSwtich
ADI9501 ADI9503
Pressure Differential Switchovers
637 Series AutoSwitch GL
636 Series AutoSwitch HF
635 Series AutoSwitch HF
634 Series AutoSwitch HF
632 Series Pressure Differential
633 Series Duplex HF
631 Series Simplex HF
630 Series Cryogenic Manifold
629 Series MicroManifold
ADI3228 ADI3221
628 Series Maniflex HF
6700 Series Regulators
System Monitors
Advantium 16 System Monitor
Altos 2 Cylinder Pressure Alarm
Altos 2 ADI0025
24V Altos 2 Cylinder Pressure Alarm
24V Altos 2 ADI0025-24V
Distribution Accessories
Manifold Heater and Floor Stands
Tube Trailer Hoses and Flexible Hoses
High-pressure Flexible Hoses and Liquid Cylinder Hoses
Intrinsic Safety Barrier
Relief Valves
Hydraulic Flash Arrestors
Point-of-Use Equipment  
Oxygen/Fuel Flashback Arrestors
Station Drops
Station Valves and Half-Inch Valves
Pipeline Regulators
  6590 Series Pipleline Regulator(Flowmeter) ADI1608
  6590 Series Pipleline Regulator ADI1608
  6790 Series Pipleline Regulator ADI1608
  6690 Series Pipleline Regulator ADI1608
  5690 Series Pipleline Regulator ADI1608
  9940 Series Pipleline Regulator ADI1608
  1600 Series Flowmeter and 700 Series Flowmeter
Pipeline Regulator Accessories
  Station Outlet Valves and Flow Adapters
  Flashback Arrestors
Cylinder Regulators
  6700 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  6600 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  6500 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  5600 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  5500 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  56H Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  8400/9400 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  6800 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
  6520 Series Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
Flow Control Regulators
  9400 Series Flow Control Regulators ADI1608
  6500 Series Flow Control Regulators ADI1608
  5500 Series Flow Control Regulators ADI1608
Liquid Cylinder Regulators
  6530 Series Liquid Cylinder Regulators ADI1608
Special Purpose Regulators
  8000 Series Special Purpose Regulators ADI1608 ADI3094D
  1400 Series Special Purpose Regulators ADI1608
  1100 Series Special Purpose Regulators ADI1608
  6200 Series Special Purpose Regulators  
  2500 Series Special Purpose Regulators ADI3008
Regulator Accessories
  Guards and Wrenches/Gauges  
Handles and Attachments
  General Information N/A
  800 Series Torch Handle and Cutting Attachments ADI1647 ADE872
  750 Series Torch Handle and Cutting Attachments ADI1647 ADE872
Heating and Welding Tips
  Welding Tips Style 70 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 80 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 9 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 756 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 759 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 757 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 760 ADI3870
  Welding Tips Style 860 ADI3870
  Propylene Heating Heads ADI3870
  Goosenecks ADI3870
  Extensions N/A
  Mixers and Hoses N/A
Cutting Torches
  9700 Series Cutting Torches ADE872
  9500 Series Cutting Torches ADE872
  9000 Series Cutting Torches ADE872
  3000 Series Cutting Torch ADE872
  4700 Series Machine Cutting Torch ADE872 ADI1580
Torch Accessories
  Adjustable Angular Torch Heads ADI1227
  Duplex Tip Holders ADI1762
  Circle Cutting Attachment ADI1931
  Guide Roller Attachment N/A
  Torch Mounted Flashback Arrestors See pg. 18 in ADE872 for details
  Gas Mizer ADI1098
Cutting Tips
  Cutting Tips Style 124 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 138 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 144 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 164 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 45 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 119 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 183 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 185 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 195 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 196 ADI3870
Natural Gas and Propane Tips
  Cutting Tips Style 275 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 375 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 219 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 319 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style CHT ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 297 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 287 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 244 ADI3870
Propylene Tips
  Cutting Tips Style A-SP ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 245 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style 345 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style A-RW ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style A-B45 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style A-G1 ADI3870
  Cutting Tips Style A-GW30 ADI3870
  CONCOA Master Series I, II & III ADI1275 ADE872 ADI1647 ADI1849 ADI1608
  Super CONCOA Master Series ADI1275 ADE872 ADI1647 ADI1849 ADI1608
  SuperMaster Series ADI1275 ADE872 ADI1647 ADI1849 ADI1608
  CONCOA Kits ADI1275 ADE872 ADI1647 ADI1849 ADI1608
  Pipe Size - Inches  
  Acetylene and Oxygen Pressure vs. Temperature  
  Maximum Withdrawal Rate CFH 100lb Propane Cylinder  
  Conversion Tables and Factors  
  Heating Tip Oxygen to Fuel Consumption Ratio  
  1400 Series Flow Curves  
  5500 Series Flow Curves  
  5600 Series Flow Curves  
  6500 Series Flow Curves  
  6600 Series Flow Curves  
  6700 Series Flow Curves  
  6800 Series Flow Curves  
  8400 Series Flow Curves  
  9900 Series Flow Curves